Your Herbal Guide to Cold and Flu Relief

Cold & flu relief with tea and herbs

You’ve eaten well, always get a good’s night sleep, taken immune-supporting supplements and are careful to wash your hands several times a day – but now you feel that familiar tickle at the back of your throat. There’s no doubt about it, a cold is coming on – so now what?

Even those of us who take every precaution to stay healthy can still catch the latest cold or flu floating around, and it’s important to have the herbal support your body needs to fight back when infection sets in.  

Using herbs to stimulate the body to fight off infection is about strengthening the reactive or “selective” immune system. This type of immunity develops throughout our lives, generating antibodies when sickness strikes, so it can effectively activate the next time. 

“Strengthening this system helps limit the impact of cold and flu related illnesses, shortening their duration and impact” says Dr. Terry Vanderheyden, Naturopathic Doctor, and registered Herbalist. “There are specific herbs that are used if you’re feeling general symptoms, specific symptoms, or to relieve discomfort.” 

While these herbs can equip your body to react with extra defences, it’s key to act quickly! It’s vital that as soon as you feel signs of sickness… you take action to nip it in the bud! Having the right herbal formulas on hand to treat and relieve symptoms means you’re prepared to fight back against infection.

Complete immunity, cold & flu care

For General Symptoms

Immune stimulating formulas are important to take at the first sign of illness like a tender throat, fever, or general malaise. 

EchinaSeal® – a top selling cold & flu formula made with our proprietary, 2 strain echinacea blend PLUS goldenseal –  a potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory herb – as well as wild indigo, propolis and cayenne. Together, these therapeutic ingredients make up the ultimate herbal infection-fighter to boost the immune system’s antibodies production for combating upper respiratory tract and throat infections. 

For children, teens and pregnant or breastfeeding women: 

Echinacea Plus – a proprietary blend of Echinacea angustifolia root and Echinacea purpurea root and tops – two species that work together in synergy to help shorten the intensity and duration of a cold or flu. 

For Specific Symptoms

Once you experience specific symptoms like cough, sore throat, chest congestion, and sinus pressure specific herbs can help to treat and get relief.* 

Treat with herbs that get to the root cause or site of infection. These formulas contain echinacea, to stimulate the immune response to the specific area of infection, along with herbs that target the source instead of simply suppressing symptoms. These can safely be taken alongside herbs for relieving symptoms (below). 

Relieve symptoms with herbal formulas that provide more immediate relief from discomfort you may be feeling. 

Sinus - Related

TREAT – Sinafect® With antihistamine, antibacterial, antiviral properties for treating the common cold, as well as acute and chronic sinusitis. 

RELIEVE SYMPTOMS – Elderberry Cough Syrup Great-tasting relief from symptoms of colds and flu, including runny nose and nasal congestion, sore throat, headache and fever, pains, chills and sneezing. 



  • Respirafect® combats respiratory infection, offering soothing action that reduces inflammation and wet coughs – helping the lungs expel sticky, glutinous mucus.

  • RespiraCleanse® eases dry persistent cough and upper respiratory complaints. 


  • Chest Rub Balm – A topical formula anchored on essential oils that offers effective topical relief of colds and cough. Penetrates the surface of the skin and soothes respiratory passages with deep healing power.

  • Stop it Cold® Throat Spray – immediate relief from dry, sore throats associated with colds, flu, or infections like tonsillitis. Diminishes the intensity and duration of colds, flu, and throat infections with antibacterial sage and analgesic propolis. 

  • Elderberry Cough Syrup – or Great-tasting relief from symptoms of colds and flu, including runny nose and nasal congestion, sore throat, headache and fever, pains, chills, and sneezing.

Acute Cold and Flu


Virafect®– A formulation based on Andrographis – and herb valued as one of the foremost immune-stimulants and infection fighters – that is also a strong bitter, that works in the digestive system to fight off microbes. 

An effective antiviral and antibacterial immune enhancer that shortens duration of colds and flu (without specific chest and/or sinus issues) 

Cold and flu may strike, but you can get well sooner when you’re prepared with these targeted plant medicine formulas.

*Important: The herbs recommended at this stage are based on their ability to kick our selective immune system into high gear which means it’s ideal to use them for short spurts, as needed. They are generally not recommended for daily, pro-active measures as the level of stimulation they provide could be stressful to our bodies if used ongoing. Check with your healthcare provider with knowledge of botanical medicine if these herbs are right for you. 

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