Our Holistic Herb Approach

Customized to get the best out of each plant​

As multi-generational herbal artisans, our experience and respect for traditional herbalism has taught us that the wisdom of nature, and of plant medicine, cannot and should not be isolated to one part of the plant.  Each herb has a part that provides us with the most benefit, for some it’s the leaves for some it’s the roots, and for some it’s the flowers. Further, there is a unique way to harness the power of most medicinal parts so that we feel the most benefit.  That is why we created and perfected our Holistic-Herb™ Approach, to get the most out of nature so that you can feel your best.

Our Holistic Herb Approach

It all starts with a well grown herb!​

Organic Farming – Organic farming is much more than just banning the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.  Rather it is a holistic approach to growing the plants that looks at elements such as sustainability, soil fertility and biological diversity.  In addition to our organic farm in Barry’s Bay, we work with local Canadian organic farmers so that our products start with the best herb possible.

Decades of wisdom have taught us what to do with those herbs

Craft – Some herbs extract better brought in fresh from the field, some herbs extract better when dried.  There are many variables that are part of our processes and we accommodate for each one including temperature control, length of maceration, and methods of extraction to name a few.  When it is time for a herb to be extracted, we set up our entire operation to best suit the needs of that herb. We have perfected this craft through ongoing reference to traditional herbal texts and decades of experience.

Science is used to optimize the process

Science –Analytical testing allows us to take our farming practices and craft and validate that they are in fact coming together as we intend to give you the best herbal product.  We have an ongoing partnership with the Biopharmaceutical Department of the University of Ottawa to assess these variables and ensure processes that result in an optimal extract.

We call this our Holistic-Herb Approach because the quality of the extract is defined not by the amount of a particular active ingredient, but rather the care and intention around sourcing of high quality herbs, mastering the variables within the extraction process, which is then supported by assay testing that indicates the breadth and richness of the extract. This is the foundation of well-made plant medicine.

Holistic Herb Approach Product Grouping

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Working the fields at St Francis Herb Farm

The “farm” in St. Francis Herb Farm

I was a farm kid, pulling weeds, squishing potato bugs, harvesting wild herbs, watering the greenhouse beds. We grew 55 different kinds of herbs then, and so my love of herbs seeped in early on.

Careers at St. Francis

At St. Francis Herb Farm, we have a fantastic, hard-working team. We are truly passionate about our work, and that shows in the effort that goes into crafting, selling and telling the world about our herbal medicines and whole food products.

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