From daily immune support to earache relief to soothing restlessness and everything in between, our complete line of kid-safe herbal formulas has them covered.

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Deep Immune Kids

Deep Immune® For Kids

  • Canada’s #1 children’s award-winning daily immune tonic!
  • A mild-tasting children’s version of our Deep Immune® original formula.
  • Contains kid-safe herbs that support a healthy immune system and counter fatigue.
  • Helps to maintain immune defences.


Pro Tip: Start taking daily before cold and flu season to support strong immunity.  

Deep Immune Kids Honey & Berry

Deep Immune® Kids Honey & Berry

Alcohol-free version of our award-winning Deep Immune® Kids, with berry juice and honey! 

  • A great tasting syrup version of our Deep Immune® Kids formula with black chokeberry and honey.
  • Contains kid-safe herbs that support a healthy immune system and counter fatigue.
  • Helps to maintain immune defences.
Echinacea Plus Kids

Echinacea Plus Kids

Double down on kids’ viral infections, colds & flu! 

  • Contains 2 species of echinacea – purpurea and angustifolia – for full-spectrum, maximum benefits.
  • Helps to shorten the duration and severity of colds and flu.
  • Formulated with anise for a kid-friendly taste.


Pro Tip: Take at first sign of symptoms of cold or flu.   

Echinacea Plus Kids with Elderberry

Echinacea Plus with Elderberry

Our Strongest echinacea for kids’ viral infections, colds & flu – with the power of elderberry! 

  • Contains 2 species of echinacea for full-spectrum, maximum benefits.
  • Helps to shorten the duration and severity of colds and flu.
  • Alcohol-free with elderberry juice for a taste kids love!
Chest Rub for kids

Chest Rub Kids

Soothing topical relief of cough & cold symptoms.  

  • A 100% natural aromatherapy blend to help relieve cold and cough. 
  • With essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, and Scotch pine.
  • Smooth, creamy balm – featuring shea butter and olive oil in a convenient pump. 


Pro Tip: Warm balm by rubbing between fingers before application.  

Elderberry Cough Syrup Kids

Elderberry Cough Syrup – Kids

Ease kids’ cough – naturally! 

  • Features elderberry, a traditional herbal cough remedy rich in flavonoid compounds. 
  • Helps relieve symptoms of colds and flu, including coughs and catarrh of the upper respiratory tract. 
  • Formulated just for kids! 


Pro Tip: Add a dose to some hot water for a soothing cuppa.  

Vitamin D3 for kids

Vitamin D3 Kids

An easy way for kids to get their daily D!  

  • Helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth. 
  • Suitable for the whole family!
  • Convenient, highly absorbable liquid drop format. 


Pro Tip: Keep bottle in a visible place (like the kitchen counter) as a reminder to take daily! 

Ear Oil for Kids

Ear Oil for Kids

Ease the pain and irritation of kids’ earaches!

  • With mullein, a traditional herbal treatment of earaches.
  • Easy to use, oil-based drops.
  • Safe for the whole family!
  • 15 mL

TiliaCalm® Kids

Soothe kids’ energy – and bellies! 

  • A calmative, natural herbal sleep-aid that’s safe for children.
  • Relieves mild digestive disturbances including gas and bloating.
  • Gentle 4-herb formula featuring Linden – traditionally used to help relieve nervousness and restlessness. 


Pro Tip: Add drops to hot water with a bit of honey as part of a bedtime wind-down routine.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kids’ Health

Both formulas contain the powerful, kid-safe immune supportive adaptogens astragalus and codonopsis, but the Deep Immune® Kids Honey & Berry also contains Aronia (black chokeberry) fruit juice concentrate and certified organic honey and is in an alcohol-free syrup format. Really, it is about preference of administration. The extra touch of sweet in the Deep Immune® Kids Honey & Berry may be preferable for sensitive or younger children.  

While both formulas contain our 2-strain echinacea plus blend, Echinacea Kids is a tincture formula and Echinacea Kids with Elderberry is an alcohol-free syrup that contains our therapeutic blend of Echinacea purpurea and angustifolia PLUS elderberry, to ease sore throats and other symptoms of common viruses.

Our Deep Immune for Kids contains sweet whey. We do not recommend it for anyone with a dairy allergy. 

Deep Immune® Kids can be taken preventatively before cold and flu season as a daily tonic. We recommend taking for 3 weeks, followed by a oneweek break in a recurring cycle, or else taking throughout the week and stopping over weekends.  

For maximum absorption, herbal tinctures can be taken on an empty stomach 15 minutes before eating or one and a half to two hours after a meal. However, if this is not possible, tinctures can be taken with food – consistency of dosing is the priority!

It’s important to remember that the amount of alcohol in a dose of tincture is very small.  

Here is a helpful comparison: researchers at Indiana University found that a standard glass of orange juice contained between 0.2 and 0.5% alcohol. Thus, at 0.5% alcohol, an average 10-ounce glass of orange juice has 1.5 ml of alcohol. In other words, for a 10-year-old child, a maximum daily dose of our Deep Immune® Kids Tincture has about as much alcohol as one glass of orange juice.

If a product’s label does not have a dosage listed for your child’s age, we do not recommend giving the product to your child without first consulting with your Healthcare Practitioner or Naturopathic Doctor.


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