Ease Your Child’s Cold & Flu Symptoms – Herbal Formulas Just for Kids!

Little girl with stuffy nose
Cold & flu season has arrived, and it’s inevitable that kids will pick up a sniffle or two over the next few months.

Common viruses are notorious for being easily passed around classrooms and playgroups – and despite best efforts, a runny nose, sore throat, or hacking cough will come home with kids!

You can support your children through the discomfort of coughing, congestion and fatigue, and have them back to learning, exploring, and playing sooner with our full line of just-for-kids cold & flu herbal formulas!

Fight back against infection!

Acting fast to push back against viruses is important to help decrease the duration and severity of symptoms.

Echinacea Plus Kids tincture contains 2 synergistic strains of echinacea, clinically proven to offer optimal bioavailability and anti-infective power to lessen the severity of symptoms and reduce down-time.

There’s also our new Echinacea Kids Plus with Elderberry, an alcohol-free version of echinacea for kids that’s better tasting than ever with a touch of elderberry juice!

FAQ: Which Echinacea Plus Kids do I choose?

While both formulas contain our 2-strain echinacea plus blend, is a tincture formula and Echinacea Plus Kids with Elderberry is an alcohol-free syrup that also contains elderberry, to ease sore throats and other symptoms of common viruses. The syrup formula may also be more appealing for younger children and those with sensitive tastebuds.  

Learn more about the difference 2 strains makes: Echinacea Plus – The Most Powerful Echinacea!

Ease Cough & Congestion.

Chest congestion can disrupt kids’ days with irritation, heaviness, and discomfort – and keep them up throughout the night! You can help ease cough and congested chests by treating from the inside – and the outside!

Elderberry Cough Syrup Kids. Whether a deep, rattling wet cough or a dry nagging cough, this kids’ cough syrup can help to relieve bronchial irritation and congestion. Not only that – Elderberry Cough Syrup Kids offers great-tasting relief from other symptoms of colds and flu, including runny nose and nasal congestion, sore throat, headache and fever, pains, chills, and sneezing.

  • Pro Tip: Add a dose to some warm water for a soothing, berry-flavoured warm cuppa.

The soothing touch of a parent or caregiver can also help to relieve chest congestion when applying Chest Rub Kids. This petrolatum-free creamy topical balm contains aromatic essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, and Scotch pine that offer effective topical relief of colds and cough. Easily absorbed, Chest Rub Kids penetrates the surface of the skin and soothes respiratory passages with deep healing power.

Nip Secondary Infections in the Bud.

Ear infections are a common secondary infection in kids with viruses as congestion can irritate and block the Eustachian tubes creating ideal conditions for infection to develop. Ear Oil Kids is a simple way to treat infection and help to ease the pain from earache.

These easy-to-administer drops are specifically intended for kids, made with a 100% certified organic blend of mullein, calendula, garlic, and St. John’s wort in olive oil.

  • Pro Tip! Warm the oil by immersing in a jar of warm water for a couple of minutes before using to enhance comfort.

Take Preventative Actions.

After symptoms have subsided, there are ways to support your kids’ natural defences against future infections – after all, cold & flu season can feel like the longest season of all! 

Read all about immunity supporting measures for children here: Protection and Peace of Mind – How Herbs Help Keep Kids Healthy!

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