Breathe Easy! Herbal Support for Cold & Flu

Taking deep breath of fresh air

Cold and flu season arrives along with cooler, drier air – a pairing that makes us all more vulnerable to lung and bronchial issues. Deep rattling chest congestion, dry hacking coughs, and heaviness in the chest are all sure signs of respiratory irritation or infection – that can range from mildly irritating to keeping you awake at night!

We can take steps to protect ourselves from respiratory issues settling in, but when they do – responding with targeted plant medicines can make a significant difference in soothing symptoms and recovering faster!

Many herbs offer profound benefits in treating and healing lung and respiratory tract tissue – and often complement the actions of one another. We created 2 synergistic, holistic lung-supportive formulas to help fight infection, ease nagging coughs, and clear mucus congestion so you can breathe easy!

Respirafect®  is formulated specifically to alleviate lung and bronchial infections, offering relief to those suffering with cold and flu symptoms such as excess mucus that can harbour infection, and deep, uncomfortable “wet” coughs that accompany lung and bronchial conditions

This formula features effective herbal antibacterial and antiviral properties in a tincture specifically geared to deeper bronchial infections. It works to soothe and heal irritated tissue, reduce respiratory inflammation, and acts as an expectorant – helping the lungs expel sticky, glutinous mucus. 

Respirafect®  contains our proprietary blend of two species of echinacea: Echinacea angustifolia root and Echinacea purpurea –  a synergistic combination with immune-enhancing properties that help get to the root of the issue. Plus, lung-supportive herbs in the formula including usnea, mullein and elecampane work to clear mucus, reduce inflammation and fight infection.


RespiraCleanse®  contains natural “anti-tussive” (cough suppressive) herbs – providing relief from every type of cough, both chronic and acute, especially dry, persistent, irritating coughs and upper respiratory complaints. In cold and flu season, it does double duty, providing cough relief and helping to clear the respiratory airways!

The formula centers on mullein, a herb with antiseptic properties long valued as a cough remedy due to its soothing compounds and is complemented by horehound and plantain – both tradition cough-suppressants that help soothe tissue in the respiratory tract.

When to use Respirafect® or RespiraCleanse®


Use Respirafect® for fighting respiratory infection – Where infections are simply associated with loose, easily expectorated mucus, Respirafect® can be used on its own.

Use RespiraCleanse® — for easing chronic and acute coughs – This formula be used as a liquid “cough drop formula” to soothe the throat and dry, persistent coughs from cold or flu and upper respiratory tract irritation.

Use together — for infections accompanied by more harsh, dry and irritating coughs or with difficult to expectorate mucus, where RespiraCleanse®’s soothing action complements Respirafect®’s infection fighting properties.

When taking both products – we recommend taking these two products alternately – on the hour at the outset of a bout of respiratory illness (or less frequently if appropriate).

Respirafect® AND RespiraCleanse® are both non-GMO, organic & wildcrafted, gluten-free, and soy-free.

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