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  • Black Cohosh - By St. Francis Herb Farm

    Black Cohosh ~ Painful Menstruation

    $20.49$109.95 Select options

    To help relieve premenstrual symptoms

  • Black Walnut Complete

    Black Walnut Complete

    $21.99$119.95 Select options

    Helps expel intestinal worms and eliminate ringworm

  • Black Walnut Hulls - By St. Francis Herb Farm

    Black Walnut Hulls

    $20.49$109.95 Select options

    Helps treat intestinal parasites

  • Bladderwrack - By St. Francis Herb Farm


    $20.49$109.95 Select options

    Supports thyroid function

  • Blessed Thistle - By St. Francis Herb Farm

    Blessed Thistle

    $20.49$109.95 Select options

    Digestive tonic and bitter and used to promote lactation

  • Borage - By St. Francis Herb Farm


    $20.49$109.95 Select options

    For stress and anxiety

  • Breast Oil

    Breast Oil

    $22.99$50.49 Select options

    Reduces infection, and inflammation due to mastitis or abscess

  • Bugleweed


    $69.99$119.95 Select options

    Helps in function of the thyroid gland

  • Bugleweed Combo

    Bugleweed Combo

    $69.99$119.95 Select options

  • Bupleurum - By St. Francis Herb Farm


    $21.99$119.95 Select options

    Supports liver function

  • Burdock Root - By St. Francis Herb Farm

    Burdock Root

    $20.49$109.95 Select options

    For detox and pain associate with rheumatism

  • Cala-Gel


    $38.49 Add to cart

    Relieve vaginal dryness and discomfort

  • Calendula - By St. Francis Herb Farm


    $20.49$109.95 Select options

    Anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating

  • Calendula Oil

    Calendula Oil

    $29.99$126.20 Select options

    Relieve skin inflammations and irritations

Careers at St. Francis

At St. Francis Herb Farm, we have a fantastic, hard-working team. We are truly passionate about our work, and that shows in the effort that goes into crafting, selling and telling the world about our herbal medicines and whole food products.

We are currently looking for:

Industrial Cleaner (Office) – Position Details

Industrial Cleaner (Plant) – Position Details

If you are interested in applying, please complete the form and attach your resume below.