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  • Uva Ursi | Busserole

    Uva Ursi

    $20.49$109.95 Select options

    For urinary tract infections

  • Valerian | Valériane


    $20.49$109.95 Select options

    Mild sedative and sleep-promoting agent

  • Valerian Capsules for Sleep

    Valerian Capsules

    $32.49 Add to cart

    Sleep aid with sedative properties

  • ValeriCalm - By St. Francis Herb Farm


    $21.99$119.95 Select options

    Sleep aid

  • Vein Tonic

    Vein Tonic

    $23.99$129.95 Select options

    For varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, and hemorrhoids

  • Virafect


    $21.99$119.95 Select options

    For treating viral infections related to cold & flu

  • Vitamin D for All

    Vitamin D for All

    $22.99 Add to cart

    Helps prevent Vitamin D deficiency

  • White Willow | Saule blanc

    White Willow

    $21.99$119.95 Select options

    Relieves headaches and back pain

  • Wild Yam | Igname sauvage

    Wild Yam

    $21.99$119.95 Select options

    For the relief of colic and menstrual pain

  • Wormwood | Absinthe


    $20.49$109.95 Select options


  • Yarrow | Achillée millefeuille


    $20.49$109.95 Select options

    For menorrhagia, hemorrhoids and a diuretic

  • Yellow Dock | Patience crépue

    Yellow Dock

    $20.49$109.95 Select options

    For mouth ulcers

Careers at St. Francis

At St. Francis Herb Farm, we have a fantastic, hard-working team. We are truly passionate about our work, and that shows in the effort that goes into crafting, selling and telling the world about our herbal medicines and whole food products.

We are currently looking for:

Industrial Cleaner (Office) – Position Details

Industrial Cleaner (Plant) – Position Details

If you are interested in applying, please complete the form and attach your resume below.