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  • Slippery Elm | Orme rouge

    Slippery Elm

    $20.49$109.95 Select options

    Soothing anti-inflammatory

  • St. John's Wort | Millepertuis

    St. John’s Wort

    $20.49$109.95 Select options

    For relief of restlessness and nervousness

  • St. John's Wort Oil - By St. Francis Herb Farm

    St. John’s Wort Oil

    $27.49$38.20 Select options

    A topical antimicrobial

  • Stop It Cold® (Throat Spray) - By St. Francis Herb Farm

    Stop It Cold® Throat Spray

    $19.99 Add to cart

    For dry, sore throats

  • Strest Adaptogenic Tonic


    $21.99$119.95 Select options

    Improves your motivation, energy levels, and well-being

  • Strest Capsules

    Strest® Capsules

    $41.99 Add to cart

    A high potency 5:1 powder extract that improves your motivation, energy levels, and well-being

  • Sweet Annie | Absinthe chinoise

    Sweet Annie

    $20.49$109.95 Select options

    Bitter tonic to enhance digestion

  • Sweet Fennel - By St. Francis Herb Farm

    Sweet Fennel

    $20.49$109.95 Select options

    For treating upset stomach and digestion

  • Tea Tree Oil | Huile d'arbre a the

    Tea Tree Oil

    $14.49$36.95 Select options

  • Thyme | Thym


    $20.49$109.95 Select options

    Helps with bronchitis and upper respiratory tract problems

  • TiliaCalm

    Tiliacalm® For Kids

    $21.99$119.95 Select options

    A sleep aid for children