Natural, Herbal, Therapeutic Body Care for The Whole Family

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Learn about our complete line of traditional herbal preparations that stimulate healing and fight infection in common conditions including:

  • scrapes, cuts, and burns
  • ear pain, infections, and wax buildup
  • bumps sprains and strains 
  • eczema, rashes, and skin inflammation
  • nail fungus infections
  • flaky scalp
  • organ congestion and natural detoxification


Skin is our largest organ and plays a vital role in maintaining our overall health. This “epithelial tissue” covers and lines our bodies, performing functions that protect us from microbial invasion and environmental hazards, regulate our body temperature, and maintain hydration.

Our skin’s exposure to the external world leaves it vulnerable to injury, bacteria, fungus and wear and tear – all of which have been treated for centuries by applying plant and herbal remedies.

Looking to this herbal tradition of topical treatments and body care, we created a line of therapeutic skin oils and creams that gently and effectively treat common family health conditions.


Cuts, Burns, Skin Inflammation and Irritations

Calendula is a powerful herb that relieves skin inflammations and irritations and treats wounded and damaged skin. Its flowering tops have also shown antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Calendula is exceptionally effective for skin conditions, as it helps stimulate the repair of epithelial tissue, speeding and enhancing the healing process.

We have created 3 therapeutic forms of calendula in our Calendula Oil, Calendula Salve and Calendula Vitamin E Cream.


Calendula Oil

Calendula Oil is a simple, liquid formula containing certified organically grown calendula infused in extra virgin olive oil – with certified organic rosemary extract as a natural antioxidant/preservative.

This gentle, soothing oil can be safely used on superficial broken skin (ensure wounds are clean!) to promote the regeneration of the primary skin layer that speeds healing, reduces scarring, and promotes aligned collagen for stronger skin tissue.

Calendula Oil can be applied to treat minor burns, abrasions, lacerations, swellings, and contusions. It can also be added to a bath or applied to a bandage. Plus – it also makes a soothing and nourishing everyday body oil!


Calendula Salve

Salves are ideal for relieving skin irritations and healing injuries, as they sit over the area for longer periods due to their thicker consistency.

Made from certified organically grown calendula infused in extra-virgin olive oil and beeswax, Calendula Salve is an “occlusive” – meaning it locks in moisture – and is protective against environmental factors and ideal for dry skin.

As our carefully crafted herbal salves contain few ingredients, there is minimal risk of skin reaction or allergy making it suitable for sensitive baby skin and in healing surface scratches or wounds. 

Calendula Salve | Pommade souci

Calendula Vitamin E Cream

Creams are ideal carriers for delivering herbal properties into deeper layers of skin and absorb faster than a salve.

Calendula Vitamin E Cream is a formula that consists of certified organically grown calendula combined with other supportive herbs and vitamin E, a potent antioxidant, that uniquely helps to stabilize and repair cell membranes. Other benefits of this herbal formula include:

  • Moisturizing, antibacterial, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory effects from aloe vera.
  • Relief from pain, inflammation, and swelling from comfrey root.
  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action from myrrh.

Calendula Vitamin E Cream is ideal for healing minor abrasions, bedsores, cracked heels, chapped hands, cuts, varicose veins, venous congestion and surface wounds, and makes an excellent all-purpose hand cream!

*Note- Calendula Vitamin E Cream is not recommended for use on broken skin.


Ear Infection, Earache, Wax Buildup and “Swimmer’s Ear”

Ear Oil is a highly effective remedy for relieving the inflammation, pain, discomfort, and itching associated with ear infections, swimmer’s ear and non-specific dermatitis of the external ear canal, as well as also helping to remove excess earwax.

Ear Oil is infused with traditional herbs that work synergistically and features mullein, which has been used for hundreds of years to treat infections, as well as garlic, a potent antimicrobial. Healing calendula offers anti-inflammatory effects that aid in tissue repair, and St. John’s Wort helps to treat nerve pain.

How to use: Add 5 drops of oil directly in the external ear canal 3 times daily. (for children – lay head on your lap with affected ear facing up to add drops).


Topical Therapeutic Treatment of Body Tissues and Organs

Castor Oil has been used topically since ancient times to ease inflammation and detoxify inner organs. This plant-based oil is extracted from the bean of the castor plant and has traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicine.

Commonly applied to enhance the condition of tissues and organs beneath the skin, Castor Oil helps relieve pain, aid circulation, stimulate and detoxify the liver, assist lymphatic circulation, promote elimination, ease inflammation, and improve digestion.

Applied externally, this oil can penetrate the skin to help with constipation, swollen glands, menstrual cramping, circulation and muscle and joint strains and sprains, relieving painful, inflamed areas of the body by enhancing the health of tissues and organs beneath the skin.

Our Castor Oil is fresh, expeller-pressed, cultivated, hexane free, and organic.

How to use: At bedtime, rub a generous amount of oil on the affected area in a clockwise motion (which is the same direction as the colon), cover with a cloth and then apply a hot water bottle.

Read our full instructions on making your own Castor Oil Pack.


Rashes, Itching and Skin Inflammation

Itchy skin and visible inflammation can appear in many forms, including eczema, psoriasis, and other rashes.

Skin Healing Salve features red clover – a soothing herb that brings relief from itching, redness and discomfort associated with common skin conditions (atopic dermatitis). 

The anti-inflammatory effects help to balance immune responses, making it a powerful natural alternative to cortisone cream – that can thin the skin with prolonged use over time. 

Healing calendula and antimicrobial herbs help stave off infection, and the salve consistency from beeswax and olive oil creates a protective barrier that helps encourage healing and reduces pain as it restores skin to health.


Dandruff, Nail Fungus, Acne

Tea Tree Oil is made from the leaves of the tea tree and is well known as one of nature’s powerful antiseptics.

Multipurpose Tea Tree Oil has potent antimicrobial and antifungal properties that can be easily be incorporated into body care. Some uses include:

  • Adding a drop to your usual toothpaste to help treat minor teeth and gum infections.
  • Treating nail fungus, by combining with a carrier oil and applying to the nail before bedtime.
  • Applying as a useful spot treatment for acne breakouts.
  • Adding a few drops to rinsing water to relieve itchy, flaky scalp.

References available upon request.

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