Winter Wellness Essentials Chart


Strong immunity, stress management, and healthy digestion all play a role in your overall health.

Nurturing these facets of health is important all year round, but especially throughout winter – a season in Canada with less light when moods tend to be low, there can be too much indulgence in comfort foods, stress levels higher and common viruses run rampant.

Winter is also a time when we naturally tend to turn inward and focus on the self. What better time of year to focus on wellness!!


With the celebrations and comforts of winter, sometimes indulgence can catch up to you.

Take control of your digestive health with our herbal blend we call Canadian Bitters®.

Canadian Bitters®

A Canadian spin on a traditional digestive tonic that optimizes digestion and soothes symptoms of indigestion.

Canadian Bitters® Maple Spray

Our award-winning Canadian Bitters® formula – with a touch of maple in a convenient spray format.

Canadian Bitters® Apple Cider Vinegar

Combines our signature spectrum of carefully extracted bitter herbs along with the healthful benefits of apple cider vinegar.


Soothes and relieves the burn from inflammatory conditions of the digestive system in a 6-herb tonic.

Ginger Capsules

Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve digestive upset, including helping to prevent nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness.


Reconnect with your natural rhythms.

Herbal formulas that help to calm, soothe, and balance the body and mind for restful sleep and resiliency against the effects of everyday stress.


An adaptogenic formula that helps relieve symptoms of everyday stress, supports resiliency, and reduces fatigue. 

Also available: Strest®Capsules


A calmative, natural kid-safe herbal sleep-aid that helps relieve nervousness, restlessness, and mild digestive disturbances.

Soothe kids’ energy – and bellies!


A powerful sleep-supportive herbal tonic that soothes nervousness and cultivates calm – without grogginess the following day.

Also available: ValeriCalm® Capsules

Ashwagandha Capsules

The classic Ayurvedic rejuvenating tonic herb helps to soothe restlessness and support resiliency. Our Ashwagandha VegiCapsules are prepared from KSM-66® for enhanced potency and absorption.


A balanced immune system is your strongest immune system!

Strengthen and optimize your immune system with daily protection for the whole family.

Deep Immune®

Contains targeted adaptogenic herbs that support a healthy immune defence against common viral infections, colds & flu.

Also Available: Deep Immune® Licorice-Free & Deep Immune® Capsules

Deep Immune® Kids

A balanced immune system is your child’s strongest immune system! 

Deep Immune® Kids maintains and fortifies children’s immune health through the synergistic action of two powerful traditional, adaptogenic herbs.

Deep Immune® Kids Honey & Berry

A great tasting syrup version of our Deep Immune® Kids formula with aronia berry and honeyContains kid-safe herbs that support a healthy immune system, helping maintain immune defences. 

Vitamin D3 For-All & Vitamin D3 Kids

A simple way to get your daily D in a convenient, highly absorbable liquid format with optimal potency and stability.

Also available: Vitamin D3 Kids

Embrace winter.
Feel the fresh cold on your face.
 Skate away.
Ski to your heart’s content. Curl up
by the fire.
Be active. Fuel your health
and nurture
 your wellbeing along the way 

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