Immune Support

Staying healthy is more important than ever – and we rely on our immune systems to fight infection and protect us from getting sick. Get proactive about your health with preventative plant medicine as part of a holistic health strategy in building your body’s natural defences.

We’ve crafted a line of herbal formulas for the whole family that help boost your immune system and fortify your body’s natural defenses. Time-honoured, research-supported herbs known as “adaptogens” are central in our immune formulas – for their ability to bring the body into balance where it’s best able to defend against illness. This includes Deep Immune – the ultimate daily immune support blend that brings together 8 powerful therapeutic herbs that specifically strengthen the body’s natural defenses to deepen your immunity.

We make it simple: with synergistic, immune-supportive herbs that enhance the body’s innate, self-healing therapeutic powers so when illness strikes – you and your family are prepared and protected!

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