Our skin is the face to the world and can always benefits from some extra tender loving care.

St. Francis Herb Farm first crafted an organic skin cream over 30 years ago, and since then our topical line of products has expanded to include premium, plant-sourced skin care oils that nourish and balance the body’s largest organ. Our line of Daily Organic Skin Care offers time-honoured oils, rich in nourishing omega fatty acids and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. Each oil is cold-pressed and infused in Certified Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.

There’s an oil for every skin type, with formulas that help improve skin moisture, texture, firmness, and radiance, support cell regeneration, balance pH and help soothe minor skin conditions like eczema and acne.

This line of cold-pressed all-natural topical oils provides nourishing support that helps to preserve the health and vigour of your skin, your body’s largest organ and one that is vulnerable to the elements, UV rays, the effects of aging and daily pollution.   

Pro Tips:  

  • Our skin care oils are all-natural and can be safely applied to the skin full strength or diluted with other oils.  
  • Essential oils can be added to enhance the aroma. Enjoy!  
  • Treat your skin from the inside out! Our Clear Glow tincture formula, which is meant for internal use, stands as an ideal complement to these oils.  
Pomegranate Oil | Huile de grenade

Pomegranate Oil

Pomegranate Oil enhances the firmness and radiance of your skin and is highly absorbable.   

  • Rich in punicic acid, with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties 
  • With ellagic acid, which has moisturizing, sun protecting, anti-wrinkle, anti-acne properties 
  • Has been described as “nature’s power fruit” – higher in antioxidants than red wine or green tea 
  • A rare botanical source of conjugated fatty acids – a significant anti-inflammatory 
  • Regenerates the skin’s outer layers to help lessen aging and wrinkling
  • Protects the skin against exposure to sunlight 
Night Oil | Huile de nuit

Night Oil

A delicate combination of three skin oils that provide very high levels of antioxidants. Composed of: 

  • 70% oat kernel oil, rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and natural emollients that relieve itching and moisturize dry, cracked skin 
  • Sesame oil acts as a cell growth regulator, tightening facial skin and controlling the enlargement of pores from aging 
  • Carrot seed oil, rich in beta-carotene and vitamins B,C,D, and E, tones the skin and enhances its firmness and elasticity 
Golden Jojoba Oil | Huile de jojoba doré

Golden Jojoba Oil

A vital combination of three superb skin care oils, rich in essential fatty acids, including Omegas 3, 6, and 9 and GLA, as well as natural antioxidants and vitamins B1, B2, B3, E, and C. Our Golden Jojoba Oil includes:  

  • Jojoba oil, a moisturizing emollient that penetrates the skin easily, unclogging hair follicles and preventing sebum build-up, which can lead to hair loss 
  • Evening primrose oil, rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a highly therapeutic essential fatty acid that helps maintain cell structure and function and is beneficial in relieving atopic eczema and dermatitis 
  • Acai oil, abundant in polyphenols that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative, and cardioprotective qualities 
Marula Oil | Huile de marula

Marula Oil

With a pleasant nutty aroma, Marula Oil is made from the edible white fruit kernel of the Marula tree that grows in various parts of Africa.   

  • Improves skin hydration and texture and reduces redness, while protecting against UV damage and the effects of aging
  • Loaded with free radical scavenging antioxidants and essential fatty acids, including Omega 9 
  • High in oleic acid, an absorption enhancer that permeates surface tissues, making the skin appear smoother, increasing its elasticity and radiance 
Rose Hip Oil | Huile d'églantier

Rose Hip Oil

Considered by some to be “better than Botox” in its ability to regenerate skin cells and collagen and restore dermal elasticity  

  • Rich in retinol, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C 
  • With an abundance of essential fatty acids, including Omega 6, Omega 3, and linoleic acid, vital to the permeability and elasticity of cell membranes 
  • Significantly reduces scarring after surgery, trauma, and burns 
  • Dramatically mitigates aging skin and wrinkles 
  • Useful in treating acne, eczema, and the secondary dermatitis that often accompanies radiotherapy 
  • Restores colour, tone, and health of skin 
  • Non-greasy and super light 
Argan Oil | Hule d'argan

Argan Oil

Sometimes described as “Liquid Gold,” Argan Oil has remarkable skin-healing and anti-inflammatory properties  

  • A natural abundance of antioxidants 
  • Restores skin’s water-lipid layer, increases nutrients in skin cells, stimulates intracellular oxygen, neutralizes free radicals, and protects connective tissue 
  • Helps to maintain the pH balance of the skin  with anti-aging, moisturizing, and restorative qualities from its high polyphenol content  
Clear Glow

Clear Glow

An alterative formula that helps relieve skin conditions such as mild acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Includes:  

  • Burdock, purifies the blood and inhibits inflammatory cytokines 
  • Oregon Grape, long valued for promoting a clear complexion and soft, smooth, naturally moist skin 
  • Yellow dock, beneficial to the liver, through which it exerts a positive influence on the skin 
  • Echinacea, aids in eliminating systemic toxins  
  • Sarsaparilla, useful in treating various skin diseases, especially psoriasis 
  • Nettle spring tops, anti-inflammatory prized in both Western and Eastern herbal traditions for treating skin diseases 
  • Cleavers, an alterative and blood cleanser especially effective against eczema and psoriasis and other chronic skin conditions 
  • Blue flag, yet another alterative, highly regarded by Eclectic physicians of the 19th century 
  • Cascara, a tonic for the bowel to aid in releasing toxins that can contribute to skin inflammation 

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