Your Herbal First Aid Kit

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Injuries happen – and can happen quickly! Having remedies on hand for immediate care is key in treating minor wounds and reactions and there are natural, powerful plant medicines that can help bring fast relief.

From soothing sprains, to healing scrapes, to settling queasy tummy – certain herbal salves, creams, oils, and medicines should have a place in your first aid kit. Here are our top 4 herbal first aid care essentials for common injuries and ailments!

Arnica – For Pain Relief

Bumps, sprains, and bruises can happen all too often and easily, and a strenuous summer adventure can leave muscles sore and achy.  Arnica is a powerful addition to any first aid treatment for reducing pain!

  • Arnica oil is made from organically grown flowering arnica tops infused in extra virgin olive oil and eases sore muscles and inflammations due to sprains, bruises, dislocations, and wounds, not to mention varicose veins. It can be applied topically as needed to the affective area by massaging into skin.

Calendula – For Wound Healing

Scrapes and cuts? Calendula is a powerful herb that can help relieve skin inflammations, irritations and treats wounded and damaged skin.

Apply this antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory herb to minor scrapes, rashes, burns and cuts to relieve irritation and speed the healing process.

  • Calendula Oil applied to a bandage can be used to cover a wound (after cleaning!) to hinder infection and speed healthy healing.
  • Calendula Vitamin E Cream penetrates the skin and is ideal for surface scrapes, minor wounds or burns, and chapped or cracked skin.
Skin Healing Salve

Red Clover – For Itchy, Inflamed Skin

Rashy, red, itchy skin can arise from swimming, long hikes or as a reaction to the environment and be incredibly uncomfortable. You can treat the itch, inflammation, and pain of rashes with Skin Healing Salve.

Red clover’s anti-inflammatory qualities act as a natural alternative to cortisone cream with anti-inflammatory effects that also help balance immune responses!

This salve also contains healing calendula and antimicrobial herbs to help stave off infection and a base of beeswax and olive oil that creates a protective barrier to soothe and encourage healing. Smooth a thin layer over affected area.

Ginger – For Upset Tummies

Heading out on a road trip, or a boat ride? Avoid or treat the nausea that can arise from motion sickness, seasickness as well as stomach-aches with ginger!

Ginger has been traditionally used in herbal medicine to help relieve digestive upset and disturbances, including lack of appetite, nausea, digestive spasms, indigestion, and gassiness.

Available in both tincture and capsule formats. For tincture use against nausea: take a single dose of 2.5 ml (75 drops) in water 30 minutes before travel and every 4 hours, as necessary. For capsule anti-nausea use, take 1 capsule 30 minutes before travel and, optionally, every 4 hours, as necessary.

Complete Your Kit

Ensure that you always have the herbal treatment you need on hand with a first aid kit for home and one to stash in the car. Make sure both your home and travel first aid kits also contain:  

  • bandages
  • gauze
  • tape
  • scissors
  • thermometer
  • tweezers
  • splint for broken or injured fingers

Herbs, whether in tincture form or in topical preparations are amazing additions to your personal or family first aid kit. With effective remedies assembled and at hand, you’ll be glad you were prepared!

References available upon request.

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