Seasonal Allergy Relief – Treat Your Symptoms and The Root Cause

Nettle for Allergy Relief

Spring is here! While many rejoice, others dread the onset of seasonal allergies and hay fever (rhinitis) – and the itchiness, congestion, and fatigue that come with them.

With the arrival of pollen, it’s common for allergy sufferers to reach for the usual over-the-counter antihistamines for relief. While these formulas can suppress some irritating symptoms, they often leave you feeling drowsy, dry, and foggy, and, when their effects wear off – the symptoms come back! 

But symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to seasonal allergies. Understanding the underlying causes of symptoms – and treating them – is the key to conquering seasonal discomfort – something that over-the-counter allergy formulas don’t do!

Allergy Symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg
Addressing and Overactive Immune System is Key

What Causes Allergy Symptoms?

What happens in an allergic reaction? The body encounters certain substances in the environment known as antigens (e.g., pollen) – and perceives them as a threat, even if they are harmless!

The first time these antigens come into contact with the skin or eyes or are inhaled, the immune system reacts by producing antibodies to help defend – a healthy, normal response that helps to build “memory” in the immune system. The next time the body encounters the same substance, it triggers these antibodies to activate an immune response from Mast cells, moderated by cells known as Treg cells.

Ideally, these Treg cells maintain a state of tolerance to harmless “invaders,” but, if there is an imbalance in the immune system, they don’t work as they should, and they trigger Mast cells to produce an excess of histamines and inflammation!

The result? Gooey, itchy allergy symptoms: swelling, runny nose, congestion, and watery, red eyes.

The root of the problem: the release of histamines is meant to help protect the body, but, if the immune system is compromised or out of balance, it can “overreact” – leaving seasonal allergy sufferers feeling fatigued, inflamed, and miserable.

Seasonal allergies are more prevalent than ever – due to an increase of imbalances in the immune system. Lifestyle factors such as reduced contact with nature, increased time spent indoors, compromised gut flora, and environmental pollution have all contributed to over-reactive immune responses. Research has also established links between stress and allergy-related immune responses, as excessive stress hormones can contribute to exaggerated allergy symptoms.

The Best Allergy Relief: tackling both the Symptoms and The Cause!

The foundation of the naturopathic approach to health is to not just treat the immediate symptoms, but to get to the root of a problem.

It was this philosophy that guided the formulation of St. Francis Herb Farm’s Allergy Relief with Deep Immune® tonic, developed by Naturopathic Doctor Terry Vanderheyden – a carefully-crafted formula based on a two-pronged approach towards effective allergy relief:

A. Providing relief for immediate symptoms


B. Addressing the underlying cause of an overactive immune system

Allergy Relief with Deep Immune® does this with a combination of traditional, science-backed plant medicines and effective homeopathic preparations, for multi-faceted, natural allergy relief.

A. Relieve symptoms:


    • Nettles – a powerful, natural antihistamine that helps to treat allergic nasal symptoms and respiratory issues like cough, runny nose, and chest congestion.


Allergy-targeted homeopathics work to relieve immediate symptoms by introducing a substance to the body in tiny amounts, training it to tolerate larger exposures:

    • Galphimia glauca – an extremely effective remedy, shown by clinical trials to have success rates “comparable with those of conventional antihistamines”1.
    • Histaminum – specifically addresses allergic rhinitis and asthma.
    • Allium cepa, Sabadilla, Solidago virgaurea and Lac defloratum – a classic combination of homeopathic ingredients that specifically treat acute allergy symptoms.
B. Treat the root cause:

When it comes to supporting the immune system for reducing allergy symptoms, it’s all about balance. Adaptogens are plant medicines that work specifically to bring the body’s systems into balance.

The foundational, immune-specific adaptogens from our Deep Immune® formula work to promote a balanced immune system – helping to prevent the overreactions that trigger symptoms.

    • Astragalus – strengthens functions of the immune system, promotes a healthier stress response, and combats fatigue. Studies have shown that it “significantly decreased allergy symptoms and improved quality of life”2.
    • Reishi mushroom – lowers the effects of stress, modulates immune system responses, and is used to raise white blood cell count. A highly valued medicinal mushroom in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
    • Schisandra – lowers stress, reduces inflammation, and boosts the immune system.


    • Nettles which play a dual role and also exert a balancing effect on the allergic immune response by stabilizing cells that release histamine, helping to reduce future reactions.
Allergy Relief | AntiAllergies

Allergy Relief w Deep Immune tincture – a two-pronged solution

Together, these ingredients in Allergy Relief with Deep Immune® address acute allergy symptoms and provide a powerful defense by supporting balanced immunity, reducing your vulnerability to seasonal allergies – and building resilience against future reactions. 

In addition, this non-drowsy formula means you avoid the fogginess and sleepiness that often come with OTC allergy products and – BONUS –  the adaptogens in the formula also work to effectively combat fatigue that comes with allergy season, so you get clear sinuses – and keep the spring in your step!

Other natural allergy products may help to temporarily reduce some local reactions or require a lengthy period of compliance in advance to lessen some symptoms of allergies. Allergy Relief with Deep Immune® offers an optimal, one-stop solution for complete allergy relief in a unique, natural formula that touches all the bases– and that’s what makes it stand out from the crowd.

Allergy relief with Deep Immune® provides complete, natural allergy relief as effective as traditional over the counter products without the side-effects!
How to Take Allergy Relief:

Take Allergy Relief with Deep Immune® throughout allergy season to address immediate symptoms– and to help prevent future reactions. Dosage is ½ teaspoon (2.5 ml) 3 times daily, in a little water, on an empty stomach.

For an enhanced, preventative protocols:

  1. Take Allergy Relief with Deep Immune® daily 4-6 weeks in advance of allergy season, continuing for the period that triggers allergies.
  2. Nurture healthy immunity year-round by taking Deep Immune® throughout the year– making the switch to Allergy Relief with Deep Immune® for allergy season.

Seasonal allergies and hay fever are apt to arise even in the healthiest of us, but a holistic, natural defense in an easy-to-use formula can help us to embrace spring – and breathe it all in!

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