Milk Thistle for Detox

Detox Naturally – Reset Your Body and Your Health!

Spring is just around the corner – a season that brings about a natural urge to shake off the stagnancy of winter and clear the way for fresh energy!

This time of year, many people seek “detoxes,” aiming to shed some pounds, improve skin, increase energy, or just do some general maintenance for the body! After a challenging year of (maybe too much) indulgence – the temptation for a fresh start is stronger than ever!

Fasts, restricted diets, and juice cleanses are just a few of the trends touted for detoxing, but the personal housecleaning tools you need for a good spring cleaning are already at hand: the most sustainable and effective way to detox is to support the body’s natural systems of elimination!

Detox isn’t something that occurs over a week or a month – your body is hard at work detoxing 365 days a year! Supporting the body’s innate detoxification pathways is the most effective and sustainable way to “cleanse” for the long term. Read on, to find out how herbs can support your body to detox – naturally.

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Lymph Tonic with water

Your Lymphatic System – A Key Part of Immune Health

The lymphatic system in the body is often overlooked – but as an integral part of the immune system, it is essential for keeping us healthy. 

Comprised of a complex network of vessels, ducts, lymph nodes, glands and tissues that work together, the lymphatic system regulates the immune system and helps to transport hazardous waste products out of the body. It also plays a role in maintaining fluid balance and is involved in absorbing essential, nourishing dietary fats and valuable fat-soluble nutrients.

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