Canadian Bitters with ACV

Bitters with Apple Cider Vinegar – A New Spin on a Traditional Digestive Aid

You’ve heard the adage, “you are what you eat”, but it should really be “you are what you digest”.

The many benefits of a robust, balanced digestive system – especially in these stressful times where our health is more valued than ever – inspired us to formulate an herbal digestive aid thats the first of its kind!

Our NEW Canadian Bitters® + Apple Cider Vinegar is a unique and powerful formula that offers the potent, time-honoured digestive benefits found in our award-winning original Canadian Bitters®, now with the additional benefits of healthful apple cider vinegar. All in a de-alcoholised formula!

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Indulge Joyfully with Herbal Digestive Support

Indulge Joyfully, with Herbal Digestive Support

The holidays are here – and we’re making merry with many of our favorite holiday foods.

Unfortunately, digestive issues frequently arise during the seasonal festivities  – resulting in bloating, heartburn, gas, or pain from indulging – or overindulging!

Herbs have helped treat a wide range of digestive maladies throughout history and across cultures. In this tradition, we harnessed the unique benefits of plant medicines in 3 targeted formulas that address common digestive issues.

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Improved Digestion: Why You Need Bitters in Your Life

Heartburn, indigestion, constipation, and bloating are common symptoms of sluggish digestion. Fortunately, there are simple, natural remedies that can help!

Digestion is a cascade of physiological events that start before you even put food in your mouth. That anticipatory “mouthwatering” effect is your digestive system kicking into action.

Digestive prompting can also come from something today’s diets often lack: bitter flavours. These stimulate the vagus nerve in the roof of the mouth, triggering the release of the hormone gastrin. This signals the body to produce saliva, gastric juices, enzymes, and bile — crucial elements of healthy digestion.

Bitters also help the nervous system to shift into “rest and digest” mode (rather than “fight or flight”), which allows for optimal digestion.

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Canadian Bitters for Digestion

Bitters for Naturally Strong Digestion

“Happiness for me is largely a matter of digestion.”
― Lin Yutang, The Importance of Living

Heartburn, indigestion, constipation and bloating are all familiar – and uncomfortable – symptoms of sluggish digestion. Poor digestion is a too-common complaint among people of all ages and walks of life. But there’s a way to stimulate your digestion and address the underlying issues of digestive discomfort – naturally and simply.

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