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Headaches are a common issue for many, ranging in intensity from annoying tension headaches to debilitating migraines. They can be triggered by several factors including stress, fatigue, weather, noise, certain foods, alcohol, allergies, and can also cause chronic problems.

Did you know that there are herbs that naturally provide headache relief – and even help to prevent them?

We have crafted two traditional plant medicine preparations that help ease the pain of both acute and chronic headaches PLUS work to address underlying causes.

Headache Review from White Willow

Headache Relief from White Willow 

White Willow (Salix alba) is a tree with bark that contains active compounds called salicylates. These are thought to protect the white willow plant against insect damage and disease and also hold therapeutic benefits for humans.  

The bark was traditionally used by Indigenous peoples throughout North America to relieve pain and reduce fever. In fact, salicylates are the natural precursors to the synthetic acetylsalicylic drug we know as Aspirin® – and use of white willow has the same indications as this over-the-counter pain reliever, including headache relief, but is milder on the stomach lining. 

Our White Willow tincture takes the edge off headaches by interfering with pain transmission in the nervous system and treating inflammation. PLUS, it helps: 

  • Ease back pain.
  • Relieve rheumatic pain – chronic and/or intermittent pain affecting the joints, muscles, and connective tissue.
  • Soothe pain from inflammation. 
  • Relieve feverish conditions associated with the common cold or flu.  

How to take it: Adults: take 30 drops of White Willow tincture 3-4 times daily in a little water on an empty stomach at onset of symptoms.  

Read more about the long history of medicinal herbs:  Plants – The Original Medicine  

Migraine Prevention with Feverfew

Migraine prevention – with Feverfew 

Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) is a member of the daisy family and is also known as “bachelor’s buttons” and “featherfew”. Native to Asia Minor and the Balkans, it is now grown around the world and has been used for headache relief for thousands of years.  

Our Feverfew tincture is prepared with the tops (leaves and flowers) of the plant, which contain parthenolides – substances that have been confirmed by research to treat factors contributing to migraine headaches when taken preventatively, due to their anti-inflammatory and vasodilating (i.e., blood vessel widening) properties.   

How to take it: Feverfew tincture can be taken daily for preventative headache relief* in an easy to take tincture formula.  If you’re prone to migraines or headaches, 5-30 drops of Feverfew tincture taken twice daily can help prevent flare ups.  

PLUS, it can help headaches among allergy sufferers. The histamine response that accompanies allergies can be a factor linked to some migraines, (i.e., high histamine can trigger migraines) and reducing histamine levels with allergy interventions can be beneficial

Studies have noted that feverfew extract contains a novel type of mast cell that can help inhibit histamine release – and for those who suffer with migraines associated with seasonal allergies, Feverfew tincture could be taken preventatively for 3 months prior to known onset, and then stopped.  

As multi-generational herbal artisans, our experience and respect for traditional herbalism has taught us that the wisdom of plant medicine cannot and should not be isolated to one narrow constituent ingredient of the plant. We craft each formula with care, using traditional techniques that acknowledge and honour the therapeutic integrity of the whole herb.   

However, within this larger context of therapeutic integrity, it is true nonetheless that many herbs do indeed have specific plant parts that provide us with the most benefit. For some it’s the leaves, for some it’s the roots, and for some it’s the flowers. Our Holistic-Herb™ Approach ensures that we harness the power of the most medicinal parts of individual plant medicines, so that you feel the most benefit!   

BothFeverfew and White Willowtinctures are made using 100% certified organic ingredients and wildcrafted herbs in highly absorbable formulas - providing natural and effective headache relief remedies of the highest quality.    

Learn more about natural relief from pain and inflammation.

*Note, feverfew should be taken as a preventative and not at onset of migraine, due to its vasodilating properties, which could potentially worsen symptoms.

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