The S.E.E.D. Approach – Our Simple, Holistic Guide to Staying Healthy

SEED Approach for Strong Immune System

If the last few years have taught us anything, it is to prioritize our health and look for ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

To stay healthy, it is critical to be proactive by building a strong immune system and being prepared to fight back against infections that can quickly be passed around. But, with so much confusing information out there, it’s hard to know where to start!

Our “S.E.E.D. Approach” makes it simple! This simple, holistic immune defence strategy supports balanced, strong immunity through conscious everyday lifestyle choices and powerful plant medicines to help shield you from infection PLUS help you fight back and defend your health when illness strikes! 

Sleep and Stress

S – Sleep and Stress Management 

SLEEP – Restorative sleep (ample length and the proper sleep cycles) is essential to a strong immune system, giving your body the opportunity to rest, recover, and carry out essential functions in all systems – so it can operate efficiently and optimally.   

Learn more about Why Quality Sleep Is Vital for Health – and How to Get It – here.

STRESS – Repeated episodes of high stress and frequent on-going stress are both very common in everyday life and can throw the body out of balance by increasing cortisol (a stress hormone) to levels that can suppress immune responses. 

Plant medicines known as “adaptogens” can help build stress resiliency by nurturing the nervous system, reducing anxiety, mental and physical fatigue, and renewing energy to lessen stress’s impact on immune function.

Learn more about the stress – immunity link, and how to help build natural resiliency here.

Eat Well and Exercise

E – Eat Well & Exercise 

Eat WellNourishing the body is foundational to health, and consuming a wide variety of fresh, whole foods is the ideal way to nourish the body.Eating the rainbow” a brightly coloured mix of fresh foods – ensures that you get plenty of immune-supportive nutrients and protective antioxidants.

But it’s not just what you eat, it’s what you absorb. Digestive bitters combine traditional herbs that stimulate stomach acid production to help break down food efficiently for smooth digestion and better absorption. They also help with digestive symptoms such as gas, bloating, and stomach upset – and work to retrain your digestive system to work optimally – for long-term benefits!

Learn more about the benefits of bitters – including the innovative NEW Canadian Bitters® Apple Cider Vinegar here

Exercise – Regular movement promotes healthy blood flow, muscle tissue, lymphatic flow, and the circulation of immune cells throughout the body. Find the right exercise for you, whether it’s yoga, swimming, or a regular walking routine.  

Stretching, rebounding (on a mini trampoline), qigong, and body brushing are other gentle ways to mobilize the body and encourage blood flow and lymphatic circulation. 

E – Ensure Equilibrium  

It is possible to strengthen your immune system naturally! You can help to shield yourself by boosting your body’s innate ability to fight off illness. The key here is balance. 

A balanced immune system is your strongest immune system! 

If your immune system is overactive, there are greater inflammatory reactions (e.g., allergies, autoimmune conditions like eczema). If it is underactive, one is more susceptible to infections such as colds & flu. When balanced, the immune system responds appropriately, efficiently, and effectively to external threats.  

Deep Immune® daily formula, Canada’s #1 selling immune tonic, blends 8 carefully selected immune adaptogens, including astragalus and reishi mushroom, that work in synergy to balance your innate immune system, so that, when illness tries to strike, you (and your family) are fortified.  

Learn More about adaptogens and how they offer the best immunity support Herbal Support to PROACTIVELY Deepen Your Immunity.

Kids especially need extra protection against risk of infection as they return to the classroom and group activities. Deep Immune® Kids provides daily immune support in a mild tasting tonic formulated with astragalus and codonopsis – powerful ingredients that are safe for children. 

Learn all about the SEED approach specifically for children here.

Defend with Plant Medicine
D = Defend  

When a cold or flu comes on, it’s crucial to be prepared to react quickly and fight back at the first sign of symptoms.  

A highly effective way to fight back against infection is with plant medicine that treats symptoms PLUS deals with the root cause to reduce the impact and duration.  

Echinacea is one of the most popular, established herbs for providing immune defense and support, as well as treating cold and flu infections at the source. But did you know that not all echinacea products are created equal?   

Most echinacea products contain just one strain, purpurea, but research has shown that, when 2 species – Echinacea angustifolia and purpurea– are combined, the alkylamides, i.e., the compounds that impact the immune system, from Echinacea purpurea are most bioavailable (able to be absorbed and used by the body) when in the presence of those from Echinacea angustifolia. Plus, the two species reinforce the therapeutic action of one another.   

St. Francis’ Cold & Flu products contain both strains – we refer to this combination as Echinacea 2+, making for the most powerful echinacea available. What’s more, they are Canadian-grown and organic.   

This combination of two strains allows one to double down on infection at the first sign of symptoms and is included in formulas suitable for adults, as well as kids and women who are pregnant and breastfeeding.  

Learn more about how to fight back against infection on our blog! 

Infographic: Plant Medicine to Protect & React

Protect: Deepen your Immunity
React: Symptoms

Safeguarding your health doesn’t have to be complicated!  S.E.E.D. offers a simple approach to ensure you and your family can stay healthy with confidence and peace of mind.

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