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Milk Thistle for Detox

Spring is just around the corner – a season that brings about a natural urge to shake off the stagnancy of winter and clear the way for fresh energy!

This time of year, many people seek “detoxes,” aiming to shed some pounds, improve skin, increase energy, or just do some general maintenance for the body! After a challenging year of (maybe too much) indulgence – the temptation for a fresh start is stronger than ever!

Fasts, restricted diets, and juice cleanses are just a few of the trends touted for detoxing, but the personal housecleaning tools you need for a good spring cleaning are already at hand: the most sustainable and effective way to detox is to support the body’s natural systems of elimination!

Detox isn’t something that occurs over a week or a month – your body is hard at work detoxing 365 days a year! Supporting the body’s innate detoxification pathways is the most effective and sustainable way to “cleanse” for the long term. Read on, to find out how herbs can support your body to detox – naturally.

Your Amazing Liver

Your liver is the top “detoxer” in the body. This vital organ filters the blood and helps to break down fat-soluble toxins so your body can eliminate them, but it can become overwhelmed by too many processed foods, medications, and environmental pollutants. This is where herbs can help!

Milk thistle has been a favourite herb of Western herbalists and physicians for centuries in treating liver conditions. Its main active compound, silymarin, has been found to increase the rate of synthesis in liver cells and encourage repair after injury. Milk thistle can help maintain healthy liver function and restore it from the impacts of poor dietary choices, everyday exposure to pesticides and pollution, and even the effects of alcohol, recreational or pharmaceutical drugs, and other liver-congestive substances!

Our Milk Thistle tincture acts as a liver protectant and helps to support optimal liver function. As the classic liver tonic herb – it helps to prevent to liver damage and restore it to health, to keep it functioning – and detoxing – at its best.   

HepatoDR® and HepatoDR Capsules are liver-supportive formulas that blend the benefits of milk thistle PLUS 4 other complementary detoxifying herbs. This synergistic formula helps to support liver function and enhances its removal of the body’s accumulated waste products by aiding eliminatory functions!

Which liver-support formula is right for me?

Milk Thistle is a gentle support that aids the liver in its daily functioning of processing and eliminating wastes. You can take Milk Thistle tincture as a daily liver tonic to help tonify and regenerate the liver.

HepatoDR® will increase detoxification through liver pathways and is beneficial for aiding in bile production and flow, with its support of the gallbladder. Take HepatoDR® if you need help with cleansing the body and are looking to detox more thoroughly with a multi-faceted formula or are dealing with degenerative or inflammatory disorders of the liver.

Lymphatic Detoxification

Your lymph system is another network in the body that helps to eliminate toxins – while also regulating fluid balance and supporting healthy immunity. It is formed by a complex system of vessels, tissues, and organs that work together to carry away waste products from every cell, tissue, and organ. This system is ductless, meaning that it requires muscle tone and physical movement to facilitate the flow of lymph – the fluid that circulates throughout it – effectively.

Lymph flow can become stagnant or backed up from inactivity, dehydration, stress, and exposure to chemical toxins, resulting in symptoms that include fatigue, swelling, infection, inflammation, and mucus congestion.

Lymph Tonic contains 9 herbs that support the health of the lymphatic system, promoting detox and healthy circulation of lymph in the body. Traditional herbs include Blue Flag, used in traditional Western herbalism to stimulate the glandular and lymphatic system, and Cleavers that aid eliminatory functions, acting as a diuretic to addresses issues with edema.

Take our Lymph Tonic formula as a daily tonic to support lymphatic glands, efficient lymphatic flow and detoxification – it can also be taken safely alongside either Milk Thistle or HepatoDR®

A note on Organic Herbs – Using organic herbs is always important, to ensure you’re getting the best in potency and efficacy, as well as supporting healthier ecological farming practices. But, when detoxing, they’re even MORE important. Herbal formulas contain concentrated doses of herbs – and if farmed conventionally, any chemical additives are also concentrated. Herbal products with an Organic Certification ensure they are free of concentrated pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals or other potentially harmful toxins.

Milk Thistle or HepatoDR® and Lymph Tonic are all made from USDA Certified organic herbs.  

Complementary lifestyle habits that support the body’s natural organs and channels of healthy elimination include daily physical activity, drinking plenty of water, including fibre in the diet, body brushing and treating yourself to some sauna therapy – to help sweat out these accumulated wastes!

Here’s to a fresh new season!

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