Woman with Headache in need of Natural Headache Relief
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Natural Headache Relief & Prevention

Headaches are a common issue for many, ranging in intensity from annoying tension headaches to debilitating migraines. They can be triggered by several factors including stress, fatigue, weather, noise, certain foods, alcohol, allergies, and can also cause chronic problems.

Did you know that there are herbs that naturally provide headache relief – and even help to prevent them?

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Men's Health Equipment
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Men’s Health – Plant Medicine for Prevention and Performance

Like women, men encounter specific gender-related health challenges throughout life – and three common concerns many men face are cardiovascular issues, enlarged prostate, and poor resiliency and performance.

Prevention is key for these health issues! They can all occur to some degree with aging, but are often exacerbated by poor diet and sedentary, high-stress lifestyles. Practicing healthy daily habits and getting regular physical screenings help to minimize risks – but you may not know that there are plant medicines that can be used proactively to provide effective daily support and help protect men’s health.

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Canadian Bitters with ACV

Bitters with Apple Cider Vinegar – A New Spin on a Traditional Digestive Aid

You’ve heard the adage, “you are what you eat”, but it should really be “you are what you digest”.

The many benefits of a robust, balanced digestive system – especially in these stressful times where our health is more valued than ever – inspired us to formulate an herbal digestive aid thats the first of its kind!

Our NEW Canadian Bitters® + Apple Cider Vinegar is a unique and powerful formula that offers the potent, time-honoured digestive benefits found in our award-winning original Canadian Bitters®, now with the additional benefits of healthful apple cider vinegar. All in a de-alcoholised formula!

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Women's Health - Natural Herbs to Balance and Support
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Women’s Health – Natural Herbs to Balance and Support

Smooth Transitions – Herbal Support for Every Phase of Women’s Lives

Women’s health is unique – and ever changing! While there is a beauty to the way women’s bodies transition throughout life, these changes aren’t always smooth. 

Menstrual cycles can be uncomfortable and unpredictable, changing over time, and, when these cycles cease, the process of menopause often comes with disrupting – and stressful – symptoms.

More and more women are turning to natural solutions to help alleviate discomfort and take control of their hormonal health, and herbs can effectively help treat symptoms that accompany natural cycles – as well as help resolve the underlying hormonal issues that cause them. 

Read on to learn more about how plant medicines can be used as effective, safe, and gentle options to restore hormonal balance and help women navigate common health concerns! 

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Bouquet of flowers that cause allergies

Your Guide to Complete Seasonal Allergy Relief

Hello Spring! Bringing longer, warmer, brighter days… and hay fever.

While budding trees and blooming flowers are beautiful, they can also trigger seasonal symptoms, including runny nose, itching, coughing, and sneezing (oh – the sneezing!), which affect between 20-25% of Canadians. 

Sure, there are over-the-counter antihistamines and allergy sprays, but they can come with side effects like drowsiness, dry mouth, and fatigue – and the symptoms still come back in full force. What you may not know is there is an alternative solution that addresses these issues! Read on to learn more…

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Nettle for Allergy Relief

Seasonal Allergy Relief – Treat Your Symptoms and The Root Cause

Spring is here! While many rejoice, others dread the onset of seasonal allergies and hay fever (rhinitis) – and the itchiness, congestion, and fatigue that come with them.

With the arrival of pollen, it’s common for allergy sufferers to reach for the usual over-the-counter antihistamines for relief. While these formulas can suppress some irritating symptoms, they often leave you feeling drowsy, dry, and foggy, and, when their effects wear off – the symptoms come back! 

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St Francis Herb Farm

New St. Francis Herb Farm Facility Opens Fall 2021 in Ottawa Valley

33,000 square foot facility expands Canadian company’s capacity to produce natural plant-based medicines and will bring more jobs to Ottawa Valley region.

Building on 33 years of success as a leading provider of plant-based medicine in Canada, St. Francis Herb Farm (StFrancisHerbFarm.com) recently shared an update on Project Next Generation, their expansion plan for a new 33,000 square foot facility in the Ottawa Valley.

With an expected completion date for Fall 2021, the new building will unite St. Francis Herb Farm operations for production, distribution and warehousing under one roof, allow it to expand its manufacturing capabilities and will bring at least 12 new roles to the existing team of 50+ staff. The added capacity will help ensure business vitality for St. Francis Herb Farm by maximizing product supply and innovation, all the more important given the growing demand for natural wellness products, and especially evident as Canadians seek to proactively manage their health during the ongoing pandemic and allergy seasons.

Paul & Caitlin Rivett-Carnac at the site of the new St Francis Herb Farm facility

“This is such an exciting and timely advancement for the company my parents started in 1988. We are immensely proud that this new facility will further enable our amazing team at St. Francis Herb Farm to help Canadians lead healthier lives with quality plant medicine, which is so important these days,” shared Paul Rivett-Carnac, President, CEO and Co-owner of St. Francis Herb Farm.

Phase Two of the St. Francis Herb Farm site build is now well underway, with the foundation completed and the external structure being erected, with an expected completion date, site occupation and grand opening in the fall of 2021, leading up to the company’s 35th anniversary in 2023.

Close Collaboration Helps Ensure Success

The St. Francis Herb Farm team is working in close collaboration with community stakeholders, neighbours and construction partners from Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd. and Zuracon Inc. Farm Credit Canada is financing the project, as the team works closely with SPH Engineering Inc. who assisted with design along with the Township of Madawaska Valley and the County of Renfrew.

“The township, consultants, engineers, public agencies, construction partners and the St. Francis Herb Farm team members have been working hand in hand to meet aggressive timelines with a diverse set of challenges during this unique time for manufacturing in Canada,” added Rivett-Carnac.

Prior to the start of construction, the members of the St. Francis Herb Farm family conducted community outreach efforts, with near-in neighbours with door to door visits to provide updates about plans and to offer thanks for ongoing support during the construction process. 

To mark the new site build occasion, in the Fall of 2020, the company held an employee event (socially distanced and following all safety protocols) to kick off this exciting time for St. Francis Herb Farm. The special day included a ceremonial sod turning event and dedication of a time capsule filled with historical mementos from the company’s years of history and community involvement.

A pioneer in the Canadian natural health space, St. Francis Herb Farm fully manufactures its brand of over 100+ herbal health products. Their wholistic herb approach, featuring the use of organic herbs, craftmanship and science, have driven its reputation of high quality. St. Francis Herb Farm specializes in herbal extraction and its product lineup features popular offerings such as Deep Immune, Strest, and Canadian Bitters. Other product ranges include tinctures, herbal capsules, creams, salves and herbal oils.

St. Francis Herb Farm products are available in health and wellness stores and on-line, at select drug and grocery stores across Canada as well as through Amazon and the St. Francis Herb Farm site.

Ground-breaking at the new St. Francis Herb Farm Facility
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Careers at St. Francis

At St. Francis Herb Farm, we have a fantastic, hard-working team. We are truly passionate about our work, and that shows in the effort that goes into crafting, selling and telling the world about our herbal medicines and whole food products.

We are currently looking for:

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