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How Healthy Immunity Reduces Allergies

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“The goal of [allergy] treatment should be to convince the immune system that it can coexist peacefully with these substances. Conventional medicine does not achieve this goal.”
-Dr. Andrew Weil

Are you stocking up on the usual drugstore antihistamines in anticipation of the arrival of pollen this Spring?

Sure, they can suppress some irritating symptoms, but also leave you feeling drowsy and foggy – and they don’t address the root of the issue. There are other measures you can take to help prepare for allergy season – and an effective one is supporting your immune system. 

First, let’s look at what happens during an allergic reaction.

When the body encounters certain substances in the environment – even if they are harmless – they may be perceived as a threat. When this happens, the immune system reacts by producing antibodies. The next encounter with the same substance triggers these antibodies to activate an immune response with histamine.

What happens next? Cue the gooey allergy symptoms: inflammation, runny nose and itchy, red eyes.

This sequence of events is intended to protect us, but, if the immune system is compromised, it may “overreact” and have excessive reactions that can worsen symptoms. 

Immune Support to Reduce Allergies

When it comes to supporting the immune system to help reduce allergy symptoms, it’s all about balance.

Our immune system is designed to protect us from illness and pathogens, and its functioning can become compromised under excessive stress. After repeated episodes of acute, or intense chronic stress, the body’s natural defences become strained, and immunity and general resistance to disease are depleted.

An imbalance can also manifest in increased immune responses. Studies have found links between stress and allergy-related immune responses, in that excessive stress hormones can contribute to exaggerated allergy symptoms.

Nurturing healthy immunity is key in the preventative management of hay fever. But it’s important to support immune health throughout the year, not just treating the body when annoying symptoms flare up. This is where adaptogenic herbs can help.

Natural, Holistic Allergy Relief

Adaptogens are therapeutic plants that can help the body adapt to stress and work to return the body to “homeostasis” where its various systems are balanced and functioning optimally.

The foundation of the Allergy Relief formula is adaptogens, which work to promote a balanced immune system and support its resilience to stress:

  • Astragalus – combats fatigue, promotes a healthier stress response and strengthens many functions of the immune system.
  • Reishi lowers the effects of stress and modulates immune system responses.
  • Schisandra promotes endurance, lowers stress, and boosts the immune system.

Supporting the immune system from excess stress won’t cure your allergies, but it can help to significantly reduce the frequency and severity of allergy symptoms. When taken in conjunction with traditional, gentle allergy remedies – they are even more effective.

Complementing the immune-nurturing aspects of the Allergy Relief formula are specific herbs that relieve hay fever symptoms, including such herbs as nettle and southern prickly ash. Also included in the formula are the effective, classic homeopathics Galphimia glauca 12CH and Histaminum 7CH, which address acute allergy symptoms. 

As a preventative protocol, it is recommended to take Allergy Relief daily 4-6 weeks in advance, and continue through the seasons that trigger allergies.

Allergies can strike even the healthiest of us, and it isn’t always easy to reduce stress, but a holistic, natural defense can help to relieve your annoying symptoms, so as to avoid drowsiness inducing medications.

Enjoy your Spring and all the natural beauty it offers with less stress – and fewer aggravating allergy symptoms.

References available upon request.

Allergy Relief with Deep Immune

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